Cute only gets you so far. We build tools to lead, not compete. By leaving nothing to chance, we use aesthetics as a tool of persuasion, not as the end goal.

We are visualist. Creatives using color, form, word and function as assets; originality is our foundation for memorable work.


Unified identity. Color psychology. Multi-faceted image strategy. Emotional brand persuasion. Branding style guides. Brand usage compliance.

Original designs. Full-stack development. HTML5. CSS3. PHP. Apache2. MariaDB, Aurora and MySQL. Node. AngularJS. jQuery. Google Materials.

AJAX. RESTful. GSAP. jQuery UI. SVG animations. Bootstrap 3 and 4. QA. QC. UX research. A/B Testing. Multivariate testing. Responsive. Content strategy. Section 508 compliance.

Custom themes. Core API. WP REST API V2. Plugins. eCommerce. Social media integration. Cloud multisites. Enterprise. Web apps. Piklist. ACF. Custom CMS.

Web-based. Native Android. Web-based apps. Web-App-Services ecosystems. APIs and web services.

This is Duo

We are a duo renowned for designing, building and growing amazing software for Fortune-500, organizations and businesses of all sizes around the world. Our expertise centers upon simplicity, security, and performance. We are located in Philadelphia.


Fast does not mean simple. By understanding how the web works, we use technology to do the heavy lifting accomplishing more with less, sacrificing nothing in the process.

Speed is not longer an exception, it’s the rule to be viable and compete. We are obsessed with building tools that load, respond and interact super fast. Welcome to the millisecond age.


Every web-based project is guaranteed to earn at least a 96/100 ranking in Google PageSpeed recommendation metric. The average online is 72/100, is 100/100.

We follow every Yahoo’s YSlow recommendation with A+ ranking for 99% of our projects.

CDN. Caching. Compression. CloudFlare. AWS Route 53. Akamai.

The top 5%

Slow means deficient to the eyes of your visitor. Speed is not a product of chance. Projects that matter pay attention to loading speeds and speed is in our mind from design through deployment. That’s why our websites load faster than 95% of all sites published online.


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More tools to simplify planning, designing, coding, collaborating and publishing projects.
Way too easy.

Our unique proprietary production processes improves collaboration while removing the anxiety and risk in building amazing online products.
Deliciously simple.


Upfront cost, no per-hour fees. Fully commented source code. Git repositories. Documentation. One-on-one training. Custom video tutorials.

Exclusive partnership with the next generation of project management software:

24/7 emergency support. Ticket system. Email / Phone / Chat access to project administrators.

Dedicated hosting. Fully managed hosting. Security and hardening. Amazon AWS cloud consulting. PCI and HIPAA, FINRA compliance.

A better way

We never cared for complacency. The dull follows; being different is hard work, so for 9 years we have refined a unique way to do web products. Turns out daring pays off: 2 out of 3 of our clients order more than one project from us.


For the last 17 years, I wake up every day and look forward going to work doing what I love: my passion, art, and my craft, coding. As a full-stack developer with degrees in marketing and Computer Science, I have founded several startups and work as the CEO and lead developer for DUO. I grew up in 5 countries and speak 3 languages.

I have a passion for helping others explore and pursue the full potential of their idea or their business. In pursuing that passion I’ve co-founded several tech startups and work as COO for DUO. I have four degrees, 3 undergrad degrees from New England and my MBA from Syracuse. I’ve lived in Asia for 3 years working with Hyundai Group and the Brazilian Embassy of South Korea resulting in the establishment of new business and new job creation in Brazil. I value giving a hand up and volunteer for a number of causes.